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The college Library is situated on the ground floor of administrative Block. In the year 1982,50 journals were being subscribed. Now we have increased the number of the journal to 120. Total number of books in the library is 6198.


We also provide our students good food and hygiene environment at canteen. As f we know food is the elementary need of every human being. So we facilitate our students for good and healthier food.


The Government of Bihar and Orissa in their letter dated the 25th. February, 1918, sanctioned the Provincialisation of the Bankipore General Hospital with effect from the 1st. April ,1981,under the nomenclature of Patna General Hospital. On that day, the bed capacity was 240 and annual expenditure was Rs.51,872. In the year 1925-26 the Patna General Hospital underwent a complete change as a result of the conversion of the temple Medical school into a Medical college and the raising of the Hospital to the standard suited to the training of medical graduates it then became known as the Patna Medical College Hospital. In 1928, the Radium Institute, Which was at Ranchi, Was shifted here under the administrative control of the superintendent of the Patna medical college Hospital. In 1930, the Patna Medical College Hospital of 513 beds consisted of a large double storied main block and 2 operating theaters. This block contained 4 Surgical ward, 4 Medical wards, 1 female surgical ward and 3 cabins and Electrotherapeutic department. The block housing E.N.T department consisted of 86 beds and 4 cabins and an operation theater. Till 1932, the general management of the hospital was in the hands of the principal, The P.W Medical college, but from 193, this arrangement was changed and a professor of the medical college was deputed to work as the superintendant of the Hospital in addition to his own duties. Since October 1935, the Hospital has a whole time Superintentent on its staff. In the year 1948, a new Childrens’ Hospital now known as paediatrics dept. was opened which accommodated 40 medical and 38 surgical beds. A new cottage Hospital with 18 rooms was constructed by the side of the old cottage hospital and has been functioning since the 15th of august ,1951. A new surgical block, named after late Dr. Rajendra Prasad , president of india , was opened in 1955.


The college has got six hostels for boys and one for girls. The boy’s hostels accommodation for 346 students and the girls’ hostel for 197 girls.


We also provide our students a good laboratory , where they can enhance their learning experiences at their best levels.


We provide our students best learning environment by providing good lecture theaters. Where the students can get the best of the study experiences throughout the their academic sessions.