- Patients admitted in General ward of PMCH
- For allotment in private ward (cottage ward), patients should contact the Deputy Superintendent. The cost of rooms is Rs.500/- per day.
- The rooms are double bedded with washroom and kitchen. One bed for patient and other is for attendant.
- All inpatients receive treatment by a team of Resident Doctors and Nurses, available round the clock under the supervision and guidance of    Faculty members of concern departments.
- Waste disposal is done as per the established rules (Biomedical Waste Management Rules 1998) and utmost care is taken to keep the premises    clean.
- Every inpatient is provided with two attendant passes.
- Special investigations like CT & MRI etc are provided by outsource agency under PPP mode.
- Bed linen is changed at the time of admission, thereafter on every day and also whenever required.
- Food is served three times a day. Milk is provided once a day.
- Facilities provided in private ward. Each room has attached toilets and bathroom, chairs and table, air condition, kitchen.
- Destitute unattended (lawaris) patients are provided with attendants from hospital, drugs and surgical items from hospital and all hospital    charges are waived.

Operation Theatres:

- The institute has modern operation theatres, where many kinds of major and minor surgeries are performed.
- For routine surgeries, the respective departments maintain waiting list. Patients are called and operated upon as per the waiting list. But, in     case of emergencies / urgencies, the out of turn surgeries are also performed at the discretion at the treating doctors.
- The patient should get his pre-anaesthetic check-up done in Anaesthesia Department before getting admitted for operation and follow the    instruction given y the treating doctors.

Blood Bank:

- PMCH has a licensed blood bank that function 24 hours a day and provides facilities for blood donation, storage, issue of blood and its component. Strict precaution are taken and testing is done to prevent any blood borne infections. If patient requires blood transfusion, then attendant is requested to arrange healthy blood donors for donating blood in order to reduce shortage of blood.


- Ambulance facility is available to transfer patients after stabilisation in Central Emergency to concerned ward free of cost.