1. Indira Gandhi Central Casualty (IGCC) is located at the western end of college campus by the side of main road, just in front of Rajendra    Surgical Block (RSB) building.
2. Apart from IGCC, some departments have casualty and emergency services in concerned departments..
3. IGCC deals with emergencies and casualties of the following specialty and super specialty departments. .
   a. Medicine.
   b. Surgery.
   c. Orthopaedics.
   d. Burn and Plastic Surgery.
   e. Spinal ward.
   f. Nephrology.
   g. Clinical Pathology and collection centre. .
4. There is a control room on the ground floor of the building located at the southern end of the complex. The control room is operational round     the clock for 365 days in a year, managed by Medical Officers, Health Managers and nursing staff..
5. Help Line of for the IGCC 06122300080, 06122302266..
- These services are available 24 hours throughout the year. .
- Anyone with urgent medical problem can seek consultation/treatment in the emergency..
- If doctors decide that you need urgent medical intervention, you will be registered at the registration counter free of charge and proper medical    are will be provided promptly. .
- Emergency has dedicated team of Senior Residents & Junior Resident from the above mentioned specilites, nurses, paramedics and hospital    attendants etc to provide urgent medical services. .
- All urgent investigations like Hemogram, Blood Biochemistry, Urine toxicology, cardiac biomarkers, blood Gas Analysis are available. .
- CT and MRI are available in IGCC under Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode payable by patient at subsidised rate. But CT can and MRI are    free for medico legal cases and unclaimed (lawaris) patient..
- Cafeteria is located outside the building behind the main exit gate.

Paediatric Emergency :

- Paediatrics Emergency is located on the PMCH main road having facilities of NICU, PICU, Paediatric Surgery Department including rehabilitation centre.

Obstetric and Gynaecology Emergency:

- Located in the Obstetric and Gynaecology building by the side of PMCH road having facilities of labour room, ICU for female patient.

Eye and ENT Emergency:

- Eye and ENT emergency are dealt in their respective departmental buildings.